Gabriel is the second eliminated from BBB 23 with 53.30% of the vote

Gabriel Fop was the second eliminated by BBB 23 (Globe) on a wall against Domitilla and Cezar. Anitta’s former affair got 53.30% of the vote, Domitilla 46.09 and Cezar 0.61%.

In all, 100,089,771 votes were calculated on Gshow. While broadcasting the program live, Paredão reached 300,000 votes per minute.

Affective relationship marked by aggression

“In the face of recent events, we need to clarify some things. Quarrels, misunderstandings, quarrels, bullshit, this is inherent in every coexistence. On and off, it ends up happening. I say something you don’t like, you do something you don’t like. It hurts, my morale rises. It’s part of the game, it’s part of life. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it happens,” Tadeu Schmidt began his speech.

Check it out in full below:

“Cezar and Domitilla, for example, are part of that group of people who do everything to escape these situations. They want to live in peace with everyone and yet they have already gotten involved in quarrels. Is it worth running away so much? The fuse could be a wig.

An emotional relationship marked by aggressiveness in words and gestures is quite another thing. The people involved do not realize what is happening. Several episodes follow one another and they don’t notice it. In the bullshit everyone realizes that something unusual has happened. In a toxic relationship, rudeness is considered normal and shouldn’t be a part of our lives.

In the past it was said that in a quarrel between husband and wife the spoon is not used. Yes, quickly, before the worst happens. That’s why I gave the message nine days ago. And that message fell like a bomb on Gabriel’s head. Regardless of one’s opinion of him, the strength Gabriel showed to absorb that blow is indisputable.

There was a situation that you were unaware of and you don’t know exactly what you did, and suddenly you found yourself in the middle of a hurricane, suddenly everything was against you and you felt a huge desire to disappear. But, he held firm, betting on the idea that whoever makes a mistake deserves a second chance.

Isn’t that how it works or can anyone be forgiven? Don’t you have the right to a second chance? If life is going in a direction we don’t want, it’s a privilege to receive the warning to correct course, to grasp that warning and make the best of it, to pay for the mistakes and to move on with life as a better person. How long does it take to say someone took a second chance?

Are nine days enough? At least to prove that you are on the right track?! There is no unanimous answer, but we have one vote. Today’s wall is to end this story and get on with the game, get on with life.”

In the studio, Tadeu and Gabriel talked about the audience’s decision.

Thaddeus: “I also don’t want to ask you too many things or hear too many answers. It will take you some time to understand what happened. You will have to see the scenes, talk to the people you love and you will get away here much better”

Gabriel: “Everything I said about regret or shame was not good on the outside. I believe we will fail. Regardless of the outcome, everything I said on the inside about improving as a person will be applied on the outside.

Thaddeus: “A few years from now you’ll look back and say, ‘It was painful, it hurt like hell, but it was for your own good, to make you feel better.’ Be happy.”

Gabriel: “Thank you”

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BBB 23: Meet the attendees

BBB 23: Meet the attendees

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