From Black Panther to you: Find out what’s coming to stream in February

February has begun and, with it, Carnival and some of the most anticipated previews of the year in streaming! Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) will finally enter the Disney + catalog, while Netflix brings back two beloved series: You and Outer Banks.

The long-awaited second (and final) season of Carnival Row will be available on Prime Video, as well as new episodes of Harlem. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ bolsters its catalog with films starring Julianne Moore and Billy Crudup and series starring Eva Green and Connie Britton.

Discover the main streaming previews:


dear Edward

Dear Edward series

Watch the trailer for Dear Edward

The series will be available on Apple TV+

Premiere date: February 3rd

Drama series based on the bestselling novel of the same name, written and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Jason Katims and starring Emmy Award nominee Connie Britton and SAG Award winner Taylor Schilling. The story follows Edward (Colin O’Brien), a 12-year-old boy who survived but lost his family in a devastating commercial airliner crash, as he tries to find meaning in life alongside a group of other affected people. , and new friendships, romances, and communities are formed.

Hi tomorrow

Billy Crudup in Hello Tomorrow

Hi tomorrow

Billy Crudup stars in the new Apple TV+ series

Premiere date: February 17th

Comedy-drama portraying a retro-looking future. Emmy and Critics Choice winner Billy Crudup (The Morning Show) plays Jack, a moon home salesman. Also in the cast are: Haneefah Wood, Alison Pill, Nicholas Podany, Dewshane Williams and Hank Azaria.

Sharper – A life of deception

Julianne Moore in Sharper

Watch the trailer for Sharper

Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan are con artists in the Apple TV+ exclusive movie

Premiere date: February 17th

Thriller set in New York, the film accompanies a con artist (Julianne Moore) placed in high society and Max (Sebastian Stan), another con man who must disappear with a large sum of money until he is dragged into a new scheme criminal.

First video

Carnival Row – Season 2

Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom on Carnival Row

Watch the trailer for Carnival Row

The second season marks the end of the series

Premiere date: February 17th

Starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom, the story follows a human detective and a fairy who rekindle a dangerous passion in a Victorian fantasy world. The uneasy peace of the city crumbles when a series of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.

Someone I knew

Someone I knew

Someone I knew

The Dave Franco-directed film hits Prime Video this month

Premiere date: February, 24

Directed by Dave Franco, this romantic comedy features Ally (Alison Brie), a workaholic who recalls her youth as she traverses her hometown, questions her life choices, and reunites with Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), a young woman who reminds her of your adolescence.

Dissolved in Salvador – Season 3

Dissolved in Salvador

Trailer of Loose in Salvador

The reality that was in Florianópolis migrates to the capital of Bahia

Premiere date: February, 24

Soltos em Floripa is in a new city! Now living in Salvador, the capital of Bahia, eight young men embark on a journey filled with partying, bickering, drama, fun, kissing on the lips and sex.

The Consultant

The Consultant

The trailer consultant

The thriller series debuts at the end of the month

Premiere date: February, 24

Thriller series based on the book of the same name by Bentley Little, the story features a consultant hired to improve the business performance of a game company. The plot involves unconventional methods and explores the relationship between leaders and collaborators in a dark yet comical way.


You – Season 4

Penn Badley

Watch the trailer for You

Joe Goldberg has new obsessions in season four

Premiere date: February 9th

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is back for another season of psychos. This time he restarts his life in London, with the desire to erase the past and become a better person. Soon, however, a new obsession appears and, consequently, a new victim on his way.

At your house or mine?

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher

Watch the trailer for Your home or my home?

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon swap lives in new romantic comedy

Premiere date: February 10th

Starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, the film sees two confused best friends switch lives to rediscover themselves as people. Debbie goes to New York to have adventures that are not part of the routine of a single mother, while Peter calms down his busy life to take care of the son of his friend. However, the two discover hidden secrets and begin to revise concepts that until then they had never touched.

Without filter

Netflix unfiltered cast

Without filter

The Brazilian comedy series debuts on Netflix

Premiere date: February 15th

Brazilian series, Sem Filter tells the story of the Menezes family, who see their lives turned upside down after Marcely (Ademara), the eldest daughter, decides to drop out of college and embark on a career as an influencer. She is, however, too outspoken and her totally unfiltered ways will win her followers and trouble.

Red rose

Netflix's Red Rose

Netflix’s new horror series debuts this month


Premiere date: February 15th

A group of teenagers must survive a terrifying summer after downloading an app that gives dangerous orders with deadly consequences.

Whindersson Nunes – This is not a cult

Whindersson Nunes This is not a cult

This is not a cult

Whindersson Nunes’ new stand-up comes exclusively to Netflix

Premiere date: February 19th

In a new stand-up show, Whindersson Nunes reflects on current events, social media, religion and other topics, attesting that the end is indeed nearing.

Three lives

Maite Perroni in Three Lives

Three lives

Maite Perroni returns to Netflix with a new film

Premiere date: February 22nd

Starring Maite Perroni, a detective begins a perilous journey to learn the truth about her past after discovering she has identical twin sisters.

Outer Banks – Season 3

Carlacia Grant and Jonathan Daviss in Outer Banks

Outer Banks season 3 trailer

Teen favorite series has new dramas and thrillers

Premiere date: February 23rd

In the new season of the teen drama series, the Pogues head to the Caribbean and new territories in search of adventure, but become involved in the perilous quest for the legend of a lost city.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Photo from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The Marvel movie debuts today on Disney+

Premiere date: February 1st

After the death of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Wakanda finds itself under constant threat from other world powers and a new enemy, Namor (Tenoch Huerta). So Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett), her daughter Shuri (Letitia Wright) and the rest of the people of Wakanda join forces to embark on a new path and defend the kingdom.

The Radical Family: Bigger and Better

Teen Cast of The Radical Family: Bigger and Better

Radical Family: Bigger and Better

The Disney classic returns to Disney+ for a new season

Premiere date: February 1st

A belated continuation of the Disney Channel animation that aired between 2001 and 2005, all new chapters of the second season will be available at the same time, with entertaining and entertaining stories, highlighting the cultural experiences of the black community, as well as discussing universal themes such as self-esteem and relationships, including LGBTQIA+.

J-hope in the box

J-hope in the box

J-hope in the box

BTS Member Wins Solo Career Documentary

Premiere date: February 17th

Documentary special about J-Hope, a member of the band BTS, detailing the creation of his first solo album. The film shows behind-the-scenes details, the creative process, as well as the singer’s performance at Lollapalooza Chicago in 2022.

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