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Updated at 22:44 with link Americanas evaluates “DIP financing” for a minimum value of R $ 1 billion

Americanas evaluates the “DIP financing” for a minimum value of R $ 1 billion

Americanas (AMER3), which is in judicial reorganization, informed Tuesday evening, 31, that it is considering making, before the judgment of the 4th commercial court of the judicial district of the state capital of Rio de Janeiro, a request for approval of extra-bankruptcy loans in “debtor-in-possession” mode for a minimum amount of R$ 1 billion.

According to the company, the DIP funding is intended to help maintain the normal course of its business and strengthen its liquidity.

“If approved, the DIP funding, along with other sources of liquidity the company is exploring, including the release of withheld monies from certain creditors, will allow it to maintain working capital investments and finance non-bankruptcy obligations, including payments to suppliers and partners” , he explained.

Americanas specified that it had discussed with its reference shareholders (Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira) the possibility of their subscription up to the entire minimum amount.

Again according to the retailer, the DIP loan could possibly be replaced by a new loan, convertible into company shares, and which will ensure the right of first refusal for all shareholders.

If carried out, the DIP loan must not have guarantees, will allow the participation of business creditors and should have a remuneration equal to the average cost of the business loan before the judicial recovery request (about 128% of the CDI).

Petrobras receives BRL 347 million from Shell in reference to “earnout”

Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4) received this Tuesday 31, in cash, from Shell, the amount of 347 million reais referring to the complement of the firm compensation (earnout) for the financial year 2022, of the Atapu block.

The amount already includes the pre-tax amount on Shell’s 25% stake.

Pursuant to Ordinance no. 08 of 04/19/2021 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the announcement of the 2nd round of the tender on the Transfer of excess rights under the Production Sharing regime, held on 12/17/2021, were fixed earnout values ​​for the Sépia and Atapu blocks, which will mature between 2022 and 2032, and payable starting from the last working day of January of the year following the one in which the price of Brent oil reaches an annual average greater than US$ 40/bbl, with a maximum limit of $70/bbl.

All payments related to the FY 2022 earnout, which are paid by the Sépia and Atapu block partners, were received by Petrobras in January 2023.

The state-owned oil company also announced that the risk assessment agency Fitch, one of the largest in the world, confirmed its credit rating at “BB-“, with a ‘stable’ outlook, after Brazil’s rating.

The stand-alone credit rating was also reaffirmed at “bbb”, four notches above the country.

The agency believes Petrobras’ ratings are linked to those of the sovereign given the oil company’s strategic importance to the country and government control.

Fitch also believes that the standalone rating reflects the company’s leverage profile, its proven reserves and its scale of operations, comparable to investment-grade international oil companies.

Fitch also stressed that it expects Petrobras to continue generating positive free cash flows by investing enough to rebuild its reserves.

Petrobras also revealed that it received the amount of R $ 132 million, as victim-beneficiary of the multi-award-winning collaboration agreement signed between the Federal Public Prosecutor and Rogério Santos de Araújo, before the Federal Supreme Court.

Petrobras has informed that it does not have access to the term and annexes of the aforementioned agreement, which remain confidential in the Federal Supreme Court.

Romi (ROMI3) announces interim dividends

Romi (ROMI3) announced this Tuesday 31, the payment of interim dividends in the amount of R$ 11,412,203.82 based on the holding position as at 02/06/2023.

The amount per share is R$0.141472465787.

Payment will take place on 03/08/2023. From 02/07/2023 the shares will be traded “ex-dividend”.

The board of directors of Romi (ROMI3), which met this Tuesday, expressed itself favorably on the management’s proposal to be sent to the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of the company on 14 March 2023 (or on second call), for the increase in the subscribed share and share capital share capital paid for R$ 133,317,563.75, which went from R$ 784,417,182.29 to R$ 917,734,746.04 through the capitalization of the company’s retained earnings, with free shares.

The capital increase, if approved by the shareholders’ meeting, will be carried out with the issue of no. 8,066,731 new ordinary shares with book entry, without par value, attributed to the holders of the shares, free of charge in the proportion of 1 new share for every 10 existing quotas.

Shareholders registered in the corporate books on 3 April 2023 will benefit and from 4 April 2023 the shares will be traded “ex bonus”.

Complimentary shares will be credited to members’ position on April 17, 2023.

Romi reports an increase in earnings in 4Q22

Romi (ROMI3) published 4Q22 results on Tuesday evening, 31. In the period, net profit was R$87.7 million, up 60.2% compared to 4Q21.

Adjusted Ebitda amounted to R$ 124.8 million, up 46.5% compared to 4Q21.

Copel: approved the hiring of consulting services to structure a possible tender offer transaction

The board of directors of Companhia Paranaense de Energia – Copel (CPLE6), in a meeting held this Tuesday 31, approved the hiring of specialized consultancy services that will work on the structuring of a possible public offer for the distribution of shares and/or certificates of deposit of shares (quotas) for the transformation of Copel into a corporation (company with dispersed capital and no controlling shareholder).

The information was released after the market closed.

The board also approved the continuation of the studies for the modification of the corporate structure of Copel and the complete renewal of the main concessions of the hydroelectric plants.

Last year, Copel’s controlling shareholder (the state of Paraná) announced its intention to transform the company into an open-ended company without a controlling shareholder, through a secondary public offering of shares and/or quotes.

Broker BTG will be the market maker of Saraiva (SLED3)

Saraiva (SLED3, SLED4), which is undergoing judicial reorganization, informed that starting from February 2 BTG Pactual Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários will act as market maker on B3.

The objective is to favor the liquidity of the securities issued by the company.

Vale releases production and sales report for 4Q22 and 2022 – check the numbers

Vale (VALE3) released its production and sales report on Tuesday after the market closed.

The mining company reported that it produced 307.7 million tons of iron ore in 2022, down 1.6% from 2021.

The volume was below the 2022 guidance, which targeted 310 million tonnes.

According to Vale, the annual decline is mainly due to delays in licensing Serra Norte; and processing jaspilite overload and operational performance in the S11D.

“This was partially offset by a continued increase in production at Vargem Grande; increased production through dry processing in Brucutu; and more third-party purchases,” the company explained.

Raw material sales totaled 260.6 million tons in 2022, a decrease of 3.8% from the previous year.

Login full here of the report provided by Vale.

HBR (HBRE3) elects Luiz Henrique Costa as CEO

The board of directors of HBR Realty Empreendimentos Imobiliários (HBRE3) has elected Luiz Henrique Rodrigues Costa as CEO of HBR.

The elected director will take office within 30 days, upon signature of the respective mandate.

Luiz Henrique Rodrigues Costa has more than 30 years of professional experience, having held management positions in segments of the LPG and steel industry in Brazil and abroad.

In recent years, he was CEO of GPAMALLS, the real estate division of Grupo Pão de Açúcar and Executive Director of Operations for the same group.

BTG Pactual will be the custodian financial institution of Estapar shares (ALPK3)

Allpark (ALPK3) informed on Tuesday 31st that starting from February 15th BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiros will become the depository financial institution of accounting shares issued by the company, replacing Banco Bradesco.

Therefore, from that date, the service to the holders of shares issued by the company will be carried out by BTG Pactual.

In order for BTG Pactual to provide a correct service, Accounting Shareholders must keep their registration details up to date with the new Accountant.

Shareholders with shares in B3 custody will continue to be looked after by their respective brokerage firms as normal, with no interruption in share trading.

Securities transfer orders (deposits) blocked by Banco Bradesco, without the relative payment having taken place, will be forwarded to BTG Pactual for the completion of the process, which will remain valid until the respective deadline.

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