Get answers to your questions about the new pension supplement, RendA+

Since last Monday (30), the government launch can already be bought. THE Income+ it was created by the National Treasury to supplement the retirement of those who buy it.

Find answers to your questions about the new service here.

1. Does RendA+ replace the normal social security?

No, RendA+ is not intended to replace the services of the INSS (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Nacional) and there are differences between the two tools.

The new title pays for 20 years, while Social Security is a lifetime benefit. Additionally, the amounts required to reach the utility plan are lower than the RendA+ resources.

In addition, the INSS offers other payments, such as disability allowance, death pension and maternity allowance.

2. How is this remuneration?

The title beneficiary will receive extra monthly income for 20 years, always adjusted for inflation. The amount you receive will depend on how much you invest.

3. Can I invest little by little or do I have to deposit all at once?

Deposits to RendA+ can be made all at once or over time. Thus, a person can invest R $ 10,000 in a single transaction or invest R $ 500 in 20 months, for example.

4. What are the differences between RendA+ and other Treasury Direct bonds?

RendA+ entitles you to a monthly remuneration, which facilitates retirement planning. In the HICP+ Treasury, for example, payment is made in a single installment, after the due date.

Furthermore, the withdrawal of the investment takes place without management costs, if carried out after the expiry date. At the moment, the available dates are: 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050, 2055, 2060 and 2065.

On the other hand, there is a 60 day grace period. That is, the user cannot withdraw the money until two months have passed since he purchased the stock. This does not happen with the other titles.

In relation to IR (Income Tax), it works the same way. That is, if the amount is withdrawn within 180 days of the initial investment, 22.5% of the money will remain with the government. Between 181 and 360 days, 20%. Between 361 and 720 days, 17.5%.

Out of 721 days, the ratio will be 15%. Therefore, this amount will also be used to pay the tax on income from RendA+. In this case, taxation will occur whenever the user receives a portion of the extra income.

5. Can I set RendA+ as default?

Hardly. Treasury bills are considered the safest investment in the Brazilian market. This is because the government can issue more currency to pay off its debts, as a last resort.

How to buy

To buy the titles, follow step by step.

1. Access the National Treasury website (click here). There is the possibility of simulating an investment, determining the desired amount as a future salary and the current budget to be deposited in the title.

On the page, you need to login. Fill in the necessary information.

Two. In the Track tab, click on “Invest now”.

3. Then, scroll down to the TESOURO RENDA+ options, in purple. Choose an expiration date, consult the conditions and profitability and click on ‘Add’.

4. In this way, your product will appear in the cart. Click on the appropriate icon.

5. Then scroll down to the green “Invest” option.

If a red alert appears on the screen, it means that the user’s investment broker only allows the purchase of RendA+ through the application or through its website. In this case, anyone interested in the title must enter the channels of his intermediary.

Social security would be insufficient

According to the National Treasury, 46 percent of retirees believe their Social Security pension is not enough to cover bills and personal expenses.

Furthermore, 89% of Brazilians state that “it is very important to invest to have a comfortable financial situation in retirement”.

João Victorino, a personal finance specialist trained at USP (University of São Paulo), talks about the situation:

“People can’t count only on the indemnity paid by the official Social Security, because it has very low values. In Brazil, the maximum amount payable as a subsidy, in 2023, will be 7,718.69 reais, for those who have managed to contribute the most and for a long time”.

Last year, the maximum amount paid by Social Security was R$ 7,087.22. For Victorino it is necessary to save for retirement.

“The solution is for each of us, as we begin our productive journey, to worry about the future and create our own plan, which must include having reserve funds that can cover future expenses that we will have in the retirement period,” analyze the ‘expert.

Simulation 1

A person invests R$ 10,000 in January 2023 in Treasury bonds RendA+ 2045, i.e. maturing in 2045. Let’s assume that the rate of return, which will depend on inflation, will be 6% per annum.

This investment would guarantee the investor a monthly income of R$ 252.84 for 20 years, starting in January 2045 and ending in December 2064. This would result in a total income of R$ 60.68 thousand.

Simulation 2

A person invests BRL 117.00 monthly, starting January 2023, in the same Treasury RendA+ 2045, i.e. maturing in 2045.

This investment would guarantee the investor a monthly income of approximately R$ 252.84 for 20 years, starting in January 2045 and ending in December 2064. In total, that would be R$ 60.9 thousand in extra salary.

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