ChatGPT: We asked the most controversial questions in Brazilian football for the algorithm

This means that you can ask the algorithm the most varied questions, such as asking for a recipe for a carrot cake, the weather forecast or even the itinerary for a trip to Thailand.

ChatGPT replies on Brazilian football — Photo:

THE ge, then, joined in the fun with some controversial questions about Brazilian soccer. It is important to remember that the algorithm database extends to 2021.

See below GPT chat questions and answers:

What is the most important team in Brazilian football?

Intelligence is artificial, but it already has a certain deception to answer. The chat replied that the largest in the country is the saints based on the number of titles and achievements.

ChatGPT indicates Santos as the largest club in Brazil — Photo: Reproduction

Which club has the biggest fans in Brazil?

He was on the fence, but named five teams.

ChatGPT Responds on Biggest Fans in Brazil — Photo: Replay

Which club has the most Brazilian league titles?

You’ve made a mistake! The algorithm says it’s Santos, with eight hits. Palmeiras, on the other hand, has 11 tournament cups.

ChatGPT Claims Santos Is The Greatest Champion Of Brasileirão — Photo: Reproduction

One of the most controversial issues in Brazilian football. And the answer is the one that pleases Verdão’s rivals…

ChatGPT says Palmeiras doesn’t have a world cup — Photo: replay

Editor’s note: Palmeiras consider the 1951 Rio Cup a world title. FIFA, however, does not recognize the result.

Who is the 1987 Brazilian champion?

Another controversial issue that has been troubling Flamengo and Sport fans for decades.

ChatGPT claims Flamengo as 1987 Brazilian champion — Photo: Replay

Editor’s note: 1987 had two “parallel” Brasileirões: the Copa União, organized by the Clube dos 13 and with 16 teams in total, including those considered big, and the Yellow Module, with other teams that played at the elite level of the national football team of the previous year. The regulation, however, provided for a quadrangular with champions and runners-up of the two tournaments, which did not happen due to the rejection of Flamengo and Inter, champion and runner-up of the Copa União. Sport and Guarani then played in a final which the Pernambuco club won.

Was São Paulo relegated in the 1990 Paulistão?

The answer goes according to what the tournament regulations say in that edition. In 1990 the Campeonato Paulista did not relegate.

ChatGPT claims São Paulo was not relegated to the Paulistão in 1990 – Photo: Reproduction

Editor’s note: Paulistão regulations say there was no relegation in 1990. However, in 1991, Tricolor played in the state in a group with the teams that had the worst campaigns in the previous year’s tournament. The club, by the way, was champion of São Paulo in 1991.

Who owns Allianz Parque?

Another thorn in the side of Palmeiras fans…

ChatGPT Claims WTorre Owns Allianz Parque — Photo: Replay

Editor’s note: Palmeiras Stadium has been refurbished with costs paid by WTorre. On the other hand, the construction company has the right to manage the arena with concerts and events for 30 years, having to transfer a percentage of this to Palmeiras. On game days, the operation is 100% of the club, including the ticket price.

Is it possible to be world champion twice with only one Libertadores?

Corinthians fans won’t like anything, nothing…

ChatGPT Says You Can Only Have Two World Cups With Two Libertadores – Photo: Reproduction

Ed: Corinthians played at the 2000 World Cup, in Rio de Janeiro, as guests. Libertadores champions in 1999, Palmeiras withdrew from the FIFA tournament with the promise of playing the 2001 edition, which never took off.

Is it possible to go directly from Serie C to Serie A in the Brazilian championship?

Game also for Fluminense…

ChatGPT says it’s not possible to switch directly from Series C to Series A — Photo: Replay

Editor’s note: Serie C champions in 1999, Fluminense competed in the elite the following year. The club benefited from the creation of the João Havelange Cup by the Clube dos 13, which took over the organization of the Brasileirão instead of the CBF, prevented by the Justice.

What is the biggest club in Rio Grande do Sul?

ChatGPT claims that Grêmio is the largest club in Rio Grande do Sul — Photo: Reproduction

What is the largest crowd in Rio Grande do Sul?

ChatGPT is on the fence for the largest crowd in Rio Grande do Sul — Photo: reproduction

What is the biggest club in Minas Gerais?

Grêmio and Atletico chat!

ChatGPT says Atlético-MG is the biggest club in Minas Gerais — Photo: Replay

Which club has the biggest crowd in Minas Gerais?

No controversy over MG’s larger crowd…

ChatGPT is on the fence for the biggest crowd in Minas Gerais — Photo: reproduction

What is the biggest club in the Northeast?

It’s Leone supporters’ day…

ChatGPT says the sport is the largest club in the northeast — Photo: replay

Is Atletico considered a great club in Brazilian football?

Hurricane on the rise in chat…

ChatGPT says Athletico is one of the big clubs in Brazil — Photo: Replay

Who is the best footballer of all time?

ChatGPT not answering who is the greatest gamer of all time — Photo: replay

Who are the best coaches in Brazilian soccer?

And the system crashed! He also mentioned Sérgio Conceição, the Portuguese coach who manages Porto. Also, despite having data up to 2021, the algorithm put Jorge Jesus on the list, but the coach left Flamengo in 2020.

ChatGPT lists (with errors) the ten best coaches in Brazilian soccer — Photo: replay

Who was the biggest culprit for the 7-1?

He didn’t blame anyone. You preferred to praise Germany.

ChatGPT avoids finding blame for Brazil’s loss to Germany in 2014 — Photo: Replay

Who are the top ten players of all time?

The algorithm is clever and emphasizes that the relationship has been established in alphabetical order.

ChatGPT creates an alphabetical list of the best players of all time — Photo: replay

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